Free To Be Me

A Journey of Transformation through Generational Healing

A Memoir of Profound Generational Healing
Through marriages, births, travel, divorces, deaths, tears, joy, and much more, these poignant memoirs inspire and teach us how we can overcome the chains of our past and become who we are truly meant to be.

With origins in the ancient olive groves of Palestine, this remarkable window into the lives of five generations of women is an inspiring true story of how they overcame the many cultural and societal limitations they found themselves struggling with.

The narrative begins in the 1800s, with the authors’ great-great-grandmothers. Maha, who is the current matriarch of the family, shares her deeply personal struggles—many of which were inherited from her ancestors. After years of difficulty and deep personal questioning, she ultimately gains a much deeper understanding of herself and the pre-destined connections to the world around her. Maha shares with the reader many of the enlightening moments of her transformation as she overcomes the limitations that she previously struggled to free herself from.

Later, Maha’s daughter Helané continues the story by sharing her own journey of awakening from the many constraints that had bound the women in her family for generations. The story concludes with an epilogue from Maha’s 11-year-old granddaughter, which helps demonstrate the profound change that these women have experienced, as they finally express the power of their full spiritual and psychological potential.

“We offer this book to you as a gift. May it support you in waking up to who you truly are. May it give you the courage and encouragement to keep going on your healing path to find your true voice and passion.”
—Maha and Helané

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